Saturday, November 15, 2014


1755 ended in a resounding victory for the French who continue to lead in their efforts to secure the North American Continent.  I wanted to wrap up 1755 with some of the late submissions before I record the results of our 1756 Campaign efforts at the Fall In convention.  It is now 1756 and we concluded the third campaign year (1755) for our World-wide Muskets and Tomahawks Campaign Game with even more players than for previous Campaign Years.  Below is a summary of how things concluded for 1755.

The French gain the 10 extra victory points for the 1755 Battle for the Wilderness bringing the totals to:

French - 224
British - 161

Here is the Map at the conclusion of 1755.

And here are the final player scores.  Remember your natural talent is based on the type of officer you have leading your force.  Promotion points can be used for actual promotion and/or one promotion point can be spent to provide you officer an additional talent rolled randomly.

French Players Player               Character's Name         Points      Total Promotion Points 1754 & 1755
Nick G              Squinting Dog*                1              0 (*Died in Battle)
Pat H                Lieut. Hillaurd                  1              0  One more round to complete
Nick N.             Lieut. Nestericue             0              0 Two more rounds to complete
Todd                 Lieut  Tee*                      0              0 (*Died in Battle)
Tristan               Egushwa                        9               2 + Natural Talent
Brian/Jim          Lieut Lipscomb               4               0  One more round to complete
Dillon                Indian Leader                 0               0 Two more rounds to complete
Tom K.              Lieut. LeBouty              10                2+Natural Talent
John M.             Niz Alemos                   16               2+Natural Talent
Leigh W.           Lieut. Templar              14                2+Natural Talent
Jim G                Lieut. de Gande            8                 2+Natural Talent
Don K.               Lieut. Regent *             12               0 (*died in battle)
Gary C.             Monge Tu II                  12               1 + a Natural Talent
Mike S.              Lieut Le Pue                 2                 0 + Natural Talent
Mark M.         Lieut DeGaul            2              0 + Natural Talent
Tom G.          Breaking Wind          6              0 (Died in Battle) 

British Players
Luke D                Lieut. Dixon               8                0 One More rounds to complete
Ranger Bob        Wolf with Two Kills    0                0 Two more rounds to complete
Roy                     Lieut. Williams           1               0  Two more rounds to complete
Jeff W.                Lieut Wiltrout            10               1+ Natural Trait
Oskar/Maanus    Lieut Goldsberry         5               1+ Natural Trait
Bill/John              Lieut Hawks                4              0   One more round to complete
Larissa                Lieut Larissa               4               0  Two more rounds to complete
John K.               Lieut McBean             2               0  Two more rounds to complete
Rich T.                Lieut. Frederickson*   6                0 (*Died in Battle)
Russell M.           Lieut. Bawls*              0                0 (*Died in Battle)
Barrie M.             Lieut. Lee-Jackson *   1               0 (*Died in Battle)
Mark O.               Lieut. Dover  II            2               1 + Natural Talent
Mike K.                Lieut. King                 6                1+ Natural Talent  
Bob C                  Lt Devonish               6                 Natural Talent
Tony B.            Lt. Gage                8              0+Natural Talent
Philip A.           Lt. N. Hobart         8              0+ Natural Talent
Willow P.         Indian Leader       10             0+Natural Talent