Friday, July 11, 2014

Campaign Page Updated

General Braddock and his staff make their way across the Monongahela River
Monitoring some of the comments I've received from emails and some of the discussions over at this group Diefestung Group Discussion , I decided I really needed to update my original idea to create a tournament system.  Most people are not interested in setting up a M&T tournament but are very interested in the idea of linking games and in the system that allows for their "character" to progress in Talents and promotion. 

So I've changed the blog page that used to be titled "Tournament Format" to "Campaign Ideas."  I also cleaned up the comments there to clarify how characters earn "Talents" not "Traits."  Talents are officer capabilities whereas Traits are unit capabilities.  So I think I have cleared up some of those ideas. 

As always I enjoy your comments and the ideas you share with me.  Please keep them coming. 

1755 has started.  I sent out the Campaign rules for 1755 as well as the scenarios for this campaign round.  If you were expecting to receive them and you did not please let me know. 

As the picture above indicates, Braddock is on his way to Fort Duquesne.  Will the French and Indians successfully spring the ambush or will he escape?  You decide the fate of the F&I War this time around by playing more Muskets and Tomahawks.  There is a great write up about Braddock's Defeat that you can read about here Braddock's Defeat

Play more Muskets and Tomahawks!