Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Liebster Award

This blog has been nominated for the Liebster award.  I want to thank Jonathan Jones for nominating this blog.  I encourage all of you to check out Jonathan's blog.  It is well worth your time to visit it.  Here is the link.  JJ's Wargames

So what is the Liebster award. There are actually several different descriptions of it if you check it out in a Google search.  In summary it is a promotional concept to get visibility of good blog sites that have interests similar to your own that have limited populations signed up for the site.  So in that vein let me recommend the following great sites.

After nominating these sites for their own Liebster Award, I am supposed to tell you a little about my self and my blog.

1). Why did I start blogging?  I seriously love the game Muskets and Tomahawks.  It is by far one of the best miniature wargame rules sets I have played in my 40+ years of wargaming.  I wanted to share my excitement for these rules and try and get a worldwide campaign started to give more people a reason to play more games of M&T.

2) if I could change one thing about wargaming what would it be?  I hate editions and the ever changing marketing strategy of some wargaming writers.  I don't need a perfect set of rules.  In fact I believe there is no such thing.  What I need is a consistent set of rules that doesn't change rules and more importantly army lists every few years.  I got it.  They were not perfect when you published them.  Give me a FAQ or addendum, but don't make me buy the rules again.  I won't do it. 

3). Do you read battle reports and what makes for a good BR?  I do like to read battle reports.  I will be honest.  I am a terrain freak and if the battle report doesn't have some decent pictures and good terrain, I am not likely to read it.  But that being said.  I have read some great reports without these "must have" components.  What makes a good BR is someone who takes the time to discuss the thinking of the commanders and what they were trying to do.  This allows me to understand the tactics being attempted and allows for an assessment of what worked or didn't and why.

4) Is figure painting a chore or a pleasure?  Yes.  It is a chore and a pleasure.  I have never achieved nirvana as a figure painter.  I fuss and fidget, spend time choosing colors and then rethinking the colors I have chosen.  But when I finish a unit I must admit it is a huge pleasure.

5) Napoleon was once quoted as saying he preferred lucky generals over skilled.  What are you, lucky or skilled?  I am absolutely unlucky but I can't say I am skilled.  I guess I accept the fates as they are, and NEVER rely on luck.  I strive to learn the craft of becoming a skilled general and that is what makes the hobby pleasurable for me.  I have occasionally had remarkably great dice rolls that defy the odds but I have also had remarkably bad dice rolls.  I usually take these for what they are; oddities that are also part of warfare, and this also adds to the aura of the hobby.  The plan's of men can only ever be just plans and once it runs into the enemy, generalship is what wins the battle.   

6) If I had to limit my gaming to a single period and scale what would it be?  28mm French and Indian War!

7). If I had to limit my figures to a single manufacturer which one would it be?  Perry Brothers are simply fantastic.