Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Advanced Scouting Report

The first ever Muskets and Tomahawks Tournament is now SOLD OUT.  That's right and ten M&T players will be throwing down their forces at Cold Wars this Saturday night from 6pm until we are done.

The Scouts have just returned and below are their sketches of the terrain we will see on Saturday.  These first two boards I laid out today and packed them away for transport.  But I snapped a pic of each.  The next three battle boards will be posted tomorrow. 

The scout's sketches.

Fall board - rotated 90 degrees from sketch Sorry.

The Fall board has a lot of open area in the center of the table.  Each side will have to hug the edges to scout all four quadrants without taking excessive casualties.  The side that enters the board nearest the log cabins (from the left of the photo, from the top of the sketch) could  set up a good firing position but then they wouldn't be able to scout and must eventually come down off the hill to get the other three quadrants scouted.

Summer #3
Lots of terrain in the center on Summer #3.  The  terrain pretty much drives everyone towards the center of the board.  The battle on this board promises to be quick and bloody.

As a reminder.  We are going three rounds. 

Each round represents a stage of the Ohio River Valley Campaign:
Round 1: Testing the waters: Scouting Objective vs Scouting Objective.
Round 2: War Begins – Raid!: Raid Objective vs Defense Objective. If one player accomplished his scouting objective in round 1 he may select which objective he wants in round 2. If not roll a die and high score choses.
Round 3: It’s time to battle: Engagement vs Engagement (or scouting vs engagement if one side is Indians, Irregular or Militia who must scout vs engage for this round).

So check out the terrain and plan your moves ahead of time.  It promises to be bloody and brisk.

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