Thursday, February 13, 2014

Compagnie Franche de la Marine

I have used my French Regular force several times and did not like their lack of Irregular troop capability. In my experience a regular force without some unit to scout and clear dense terrain is the beginning of the end for any Regulars trying to accomplish an objective on the M&T battle board. So I contracted to have some Compagnie Franche de la Marine and a few Indians painted up to supplement my French. Here are some pictures of the completed figures. All painted by Alan Mander. Alan's work can be found on the Warlord Games web site here.
Here they are scouting some woods as the early morning sun crests the hill.
Moving to a position of advantage.
Having occupied their position they cover the expected enemy avenue of approach waiting to spring a possible ambush.
Indian allies help cover their flank.
A keen eye will be needed this day.


  1. Excellent looking pictures...and figures!

  2. Thanks Phil. I can't wait to try them out.

  3. They do indeed look nice :-) . I'm almost tempted to get some Indians and frontiersmen for myself (oh, no - not *another* project!).

  4. Thanks Colgar. You know there is always another project. It's just a matter of deciding what it will be. :)

  5. Looks great, inspires me to add this era to my romans!

  6. Ed, I love wargaming ancient era warfare. There is just so etching about imagining what it must have been like leading and inspiring men to commit to such an endeavor. But I am equally enamored with skirmishing on the North American Continent during this period of the French and Indian war. However, I war you. Don't start reading the history. Once you start reading about this conflict, the personalities and characters involved you will find yourself falling for it even more. I am hopelessly hooked.