Thursday, March 6, 2014

Scouting Report Number 2

Here are the last three battle boards for the Muskets and Tomahawks tournament at Cold Wars 14.

Summer/Spring #1
Summer #1 has the challenge of a building right on the center point of the board.  This will make this a key terrain feature for all the scenarios but especially for any round with scouting as the objective.  

Summer/Spring #2

Summer #2 is similar to Summer #1 with a barn right on the center point of the board.  During play testing, this barn was hotly contested and changed hands several times.  Neither side accomplished their scouting objective.  So perhaps going for the key terrain feature is not the way to go?
Winter Board
Winter board is probably the most open of all the boards.  Buildings again in the center.  Here I am substituting some cardboard inserts for what will be Indian Huts.  The board is narrower than the other boards with the major water feature down one flank.  So maneuver room is limited. 


  1. Nice looking boards. I particularly like the way the forests are done.

  2. Nice work so far, love the winter atmosphere...

  3. I like the winter board - unusual !

  4. Thanks guys for the praises. I enjoyed building these and wanted this event to be eye catching to attract people to the game.