Friday, June 20, 2014

There has been a great response to my March post on our Muskets and Tomahawk Themed Tournament at Cold Wars.  Several M&T players from all over the world asked if they could join in the campaign and make their M&T games have an impact on the opening moves of 1754.  So I extended the 1754 phase of the Campaign till the end of June.  With the 1755 scenarios play tested and about to launch I know some of you have planned M&T days to close out you input for 1754.  So as  prelude to those hotly contested events I wanted to provide an update to 1754 based on the input I have received as of 19 June.

All input has followed the 1754 rules I published for the Cold Wars Tournament.   Here is the breakdown of the players, their force alignment and final scores.  A max of 6 points was available for each of the three rounds.  3 points for accomplishing the round's objective, 2 points for accomplishing your subplot and 1 point if you prevent your opponent from accomplishing his objective.  Tie breaker for individual tournament champion determined by kills during all three rounds.

French Players
Player                       Character's Name          Total Points       Character's Promotion Points
Nick G                      Squinting Dog                      10                             Natural Trait
Croft                          Lieut. Fontainbleu                 2                             1 + Natural Trait
Tim H.                       Lieut. Temps                         9                              1 + Natural Trait
Kevin S.                     Lieut Chiroc                          9                             1 + Natural Trait
Tristan                       Egushwa                               12                             1+Natural Trait
Matt S.                      Lieut Pierre Eux                     5                              0  Died in Battle
Gary C.                      Monge Tu                              0                              0 -Died in Battle
Tom K.                     Lieut. LeBouty                      16                             1+Natural Trait

British Players
Tom M.                     Lieut. Weatherby                   9                                    0
Jeff C.                       Stalking Elk                          10                             1 + Natural Trait
Matt D.                     Lieut. Dalton                           8                             Natural Trait
Jeff W.                     Lieut Wiltrout                          8                              0 - Died in Battle
Oskar/Maanus          Lieut Goldsberry                     8                             Natural Trait
Ralph P.                   Lieut Burns                            12                             0 - Died in Battle
Bob C.                      Lieut Jenner                          16                             1 + Natural Talent
John K.                    Lieut McBean                         4                              1 + Natural Talent

Campaign Results.  For those that may not be familiar with the Campaign format of these games please take a look at this Campaign format discussion  French & Indian War Campaign Game Format
Each round of the year's scenario has an impact on the following round and on the overall Campaign Game.  This first phase of the M&T campaign game reflects the opening year 1754 of what would become the French and Indian war and each round was reflective of objectives and sub-plots that would likely characterize the French, British and Indian maneuvers in the Ohio River Valley 1754 on the eve of this great conflict.  The 1754 rules and scenarios can be found here  Ohio River Valley Tournament Rules

Updated Results as of 19 June 2014:

Round 1: Testing the waters: Scouting Objective vs Scouting Objective.
French Points:  21  (French victory for round 1 is slipping away)
British Points:  22
Round 2: War Begins – Raid!: Raid Objective vs Defense Objective.
French  Points: 26  (French victory)
British Points:  20

Round 3: It’s time to battle: Engagement vs Engagement. 
French Points:  16
British Points:  33 (a major British victory)

Here is what the campaign game overall situation looks like leading into the next round.

1754 Campaign Map as of 19 June 2014

The British continue to lead the overall results for 1754.  While they did make some gains for the scouting vs scouting scenario of round #1 their true strength seems to be in the round 3 engagement scenario.  I guess once those British Regulars can come to grips with the French they are truly in their glory.   This will give the British team an additional 7 victory points for the Ohio River Valley Campaign if they can hold onto their lead between now and the end of June. 

Next up is 1755  Battle of the Wilderness  225-230 point forces, Traits can be bought using promotion points earned in the Ohio River Valley Campaign (does not count against force point total).  The Wilderness Campaign is worth 10 Campaign Points to the side that is declared the overall victor.  1755 rules and scenarios will be posted with the final results of 1754 in a few weeks.

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