Friday, July 26, 2013

Battle of Bloody Run

Our Muskets and Tomahawk game at HISTORICON was loads of fun. Thanks to Nick and Jeff who helped me set it up and run it. But most importantly we had 6 great players who really made the evening fun. It was great to see the characters of Captain Dalyell, Maj Rogers and Chief Pontiac come to life on the battlefield. All in all it was a draw with Pontiac achieving his SubPlot and preventing the British from achieving their Plot and CPT Dalyell and the Commander of the British Lights both achieving their subplots and avoiding the 50% casualty mark necessary for the Indian victory plot. I apologize for my poor picture quality. My tripod was broken and I need to be schooled on the importance of f ratings.
Captain Dalyell as seen from an Indian sharpshooter.
The Battlefield after set up and before deployment. Indian Village in upper right is the British objective of their raid. The Bloody Run can be seen down the middle of the board with the infamous bridge seen as the river road crosses the run along the Detroit River.
A view of the battlefield from the Detroit River.
Finally the view from the Indian side of the board as we began to set up for deployment.
The British deploy with the regulars marching down the river road. Rogers Rangers in scouting to the front of the main column and a bateaux with swivel gun in the bow scouting ahead along the banks of the river. The lights were thrown out to the regulars left in the fields to protect their flank. A perfectly planned British deployment and does not reflect any of arrogance shown by the original Captain Dalyell.
Captain Dalyell beside the boys from the 55th.
The lights in good position to protect the flank. Sio far no Indians in sight......
Suddenly fire rattles out from across the run. Fire appears split between the marching regulars and the bateaux. The regulars form into firing lines.
Suddenly the indians emerge from the forest and the ambush is sprung. Will the line hold....
The melee continue into a third round of hand to hand but the British Regulars hold their position and beat off the initial indian attack.
Pontiac watches from under the famous Pontiac tree as his forces continue to spring the ambush now on the flanks of the column.
The lights advance into the woods to try and clear out the ambushers.
The highwater mark of the British advance. The Bateux was able to fire several swivel gun shots into the Indian attackers along the North side of the road, but suffered heavy casualties from Indian marksmen. They ended up drifting down the river at the end of the battle.
Final shot of the battlefield at the end of it all.
Nick (in the hat) and I pose in front of our signs.


  1. Hey Tom, I have several more pictures of this game on my blog:

    Thanks for running the really great game! It wasn't just fun, it made me want to build it up myself!!

    1. Thanks Andy. Great pictures. M&T is a great rule set. Glad you had fun. Recommend you join the Studiotomahawk forums for more inspiration.

  2. Awesome work guys.
    Have you had any chance to work on your tournement system?
    I am hoping to steal some ideas and use it for an M&T tournie in Australia next year :)

  3. Thanks. We have not tested out a tournament system yet. I am considering trying it out at our next bug convention here but will probably not classify it as a tournament but instead offer a series of 4 games that use my tournament ideas and call it a Mand T campaign. I will let players bring their own armies but will have some of my own available. Feel free to use anything you like from the idea on the blog. Just ask that you send me your link with pics and results and tell me how it worked out.

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    1. Thanks Ray. We had loads of fun putting on the game and it is always good to have a goal for moving my painting along.

  5. Great looking game! THe battlefield is amazing, and I do like the river and the boat...fantastic !!

  6. I must agree with Ray, Awesome looking game chaps.

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    1. Thanks Jay. That is high praise coming from you. I have long envied your beautiful M and T games and terrain.

  8. Really nice looking table and miniatures! I love the placement of your trees in particular - they make very convincing woods.


  9. Fantastic looking game. Great work.

  10. Odd, this isn't updating in the feed on my blog, sorry it took so long to find it. This is inspiring - how many points a side?


  11. FMB,
    Perhaps you think this was H'con 2014 but we did this recreation of bloody run at H'con 2013. That might explain why it didn't update the blog feed.

    We planned this for 3 players on a side. With a total of roughly 600 points on each side. British worked out to 3 Officers, 30 Reg Inf, 16 Light Inf, 6 militia in the boat with a swivel gun. Indians were 66 warriors and 3 sachems. All on a 8x4 table.