Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting Ready for HISTORICON

I am painting furiously to get ready for HISTORICON in July.  Plan is for Nick Grenier and I to put on a Muskets and Tomahawks game in honor of the Battle of Bloody Run during Pontiac's Rebellion.  Since the actual Roger's Rangers were involved I got the honor of painting them up.  Here are the pictures of the finished product.

Major Rogers in the center leads the way as the Rangers emerge from the forest.

I got these figures from Loyalhanna Outpost.  Link in the links page.  Keith is a great guy and loves being the Galloping Major Miniatures US distributor.

The original battle only had about 250 combatants.  Perfect for an M&T game.  Here is the scene setter:

In the pre-dawn hours of July 31, 1763 Captain Dalyell sallied from the besieged Fort Detroit to punish the insolence of the Native Americans by burning their village.  Pontiac, well aware of the British plans, lay in wait for the overconfident attackers, eager to fulfill a prophecy that the British would be driven from America.  Will the nearby stream run with British or Native American blood this day?

The game will host 6 players, with 3 on each side.  Plots and sub-plots will of course be used to get that cinematic feel M&T gamers love.

Now that the Rangers are done on to the British Line infantry.  Where is that red paint......


  1. Great figures and great scenery. I look forward to getting these rules. Just discovered that they exist!

  2. Thanks. I have been gaming for over 30 years and these rules are great. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  3. Hey Tom. I've registered for your game at Historicon. I've got the rules but haven't played them yet. BUT, I've been gaming the F&I War since the late 80's. Can't wait to play and look forward to meeting you. Came across your blog on the M&T Forum.

  4. Excellent Earl. Nick and I are putting the final touches on the figure painting. I will post the completed British units here soon. Then on to terrain......trying to figure out the best way to show the Detroit River. Looking forward to the challenge. You will love the rules. I say they have a very "cinematic" feel to them. Sort of a hybrid between a skirmish game and a role playing game. The plots and side plots make for this interesting feel and a fun game.

  5. Very nice unit indeed! Love your paintingjob mate :)