Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two Muskets and Tomahawk Games at Guns of August

There were two M&T games played at the Guns of August convention in Williamsburg Va this weekend.  I missed both but got pictures of one of them.

Game #1 Friday Night:  Here are some pictures of the Friday night game.  I missed it.  Dang the DC traffic.  Was American War for Independence and not FIW.  The Colonials are in and around the tavern in the upper left The British Hessian unit is marching down the road.  Believe the Colonial Objective was Protection with the civilians in the building.

British Light Infantry moving across the lightly wooded area in support of the Hessians.
The British are taking fire from the tavern as they move closer.
God reaches down to remove the casualty.

View from the American Position.

The British steadily advanced but failed to inflict any serious casualties on the Americans.  The American Commander was killed but the civilians were saved.  Victory to the Americans.


  1. Excellent pics - thanks for sharing. I really love the M&T rules.