Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alright, my first Blog and first post.  I love wargaming the French and Indian War.  I also love the tournament play found at large historical war game conventions like Historicon and decided to try to bring together other players in order to combine tournament play with creating our own saga of our forces and leaders.  The Tournament page is the introductory version of these ideas and I would like everyone's opinion.  I also want to be able to make this a place to allow us to record our tournament victories, defeats and exploits and create a larger Saga for all of us to enjoy.

- Home:  will be for an update of the progress of this project
- Tournament Format: The format and rules for running Musket & Tomahawk tournaments.
- Battle Reports for anyone to post either tournaments battles or game reports of any kind.
- Army Profiles:  The record of our armies, their exploits and battle record.  Also a place to promote our leaders and keep a record of their abilities for carry over from one tournament to another.
- Links:  Where I will post helpful links to game products or dealers like Architects of War or histroical information for uniforms like on the Seven Years War Site.

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